Who We Are?

Our Mission

A unique organization of women empowered by the incredible blessings bestowed upon them and their passionate desire to help those in need.

How We Came to Be

After the loss of her sister to cancer, our Founder, AnnMarie, wanted to refocus her energy. Instead of feeling negative about her sister’s shortened time with us, she felt so blessed to have her health and family in her life. She wanted to do more to help others feel how she felt. That’s when she called her close friends at 3 AM one morning to help her start healing others the way she had been healed. This is how Incredibly Blessed began!

Our Purpose

To help our Staten Island community with one act of kindness at a time. 

  • Support pediatric oncology
  • Giving a helping hand to our special needs community
  • Sponsor our local military families
  • Provide recreation for our senior community
  • Distribute care packages to the homeless

Our Team